Cells in Hydrogel Reverse Diabetes in Mice
The research team engineered a biomaterial to protect the cluster of insulin-producing cells—donor pancreatic islets—during injection.
May, 2013
Islet Cell Transplant Progress May Lead to Type 1 Diabetes Cure
Significant progress on perfecting an islet cell transplantation technique that could lead to a cure for Type 1 diabetes.
March, 2013
Understanding Why Cells Stick: 'Cyclic Mechanical Reinforcement' Extends longevity of Bonds Between Cells
vealed new insights into how cells stick to each other and to other bodily structures, an essential function in the formation of tissue structures and organs.
February, 2013
Garcia Honored With Clemson Award for Basic Research
Andrés García, PhD, was awarded the Clemson Award for Basic Research at the 2012 World Biomaterials Congress this week in Chengdu, China.
November, 2011
Nanocluster Protein Coating on Titanium Strengthens Implant Attachment
Researchers have developed an improved coating technique that could strengthen the connection between titanium joint-replacement implants and a patient's own bone.
August, 2010
Meeting of the Minds
Refining implantable electrodes that create an integrated interface between the human brain and machines.
April, 2010
Andrés García, ME, Recognized as "Hyundai Professor of Excellence" by Athletic Association
The Georgia Tech Athletic Association continued its “Professor of Excellence” program at each home football game this season and on Saturday, Sept. 17 against Kansas, recognized Mechanical Engineering professor Andrés García.